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Saturday, October 20, 2007


We had so much fun with both Uncle Jason and Aunt Jes, they brought us touring around and of course we saw one of the best musical fountain play which you enjoyed so much. You couldn't help telling Kung kung and Poh -poh about it. We went on the cable car and saw peacocks running around and etc... everyone is always so impress with you ..... Uncle Jason made us follow him home just to show you off to his parents and nieces, you walked up to his nieces and introduced yourself which was so sweet and introduced me as your best friend, mummy.
L has been showing you Sound of Music and of course you have been hearing the songs repeatedly. You love the goatherd song and you can even sing out loud and yodle now which is quite amazing. I always wonder what is exactly in your brain seems to have so much memory that for a little girl like you can store in so many things at one go and it doesn't seem to get full.
Mummy has had a bad week so far, finding out things which has caught me by surpised but nevertheless becoz of you I am stronger and I will do everything I can for you. L and you have brought me heaps of happiness and I feel very contented. I don't care what people say or think but I know clearly whats right or wrong. Everyone has their own beliefs and I have mine ...if its time for you to learn some disicpline I will do my best to teach you the rights and wrongs. Every night I would tell you that I love you so much and would always call you my choclate pie. I do wish you will always be the adorable child and that I can always cuddle you to sleep. Even though I know I can't stop you from growing up but I wish you lots of happiness in the world and you will always be mummy's baby girl .. xoxoxo

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