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Thursday, November 29, 2007

More & More Kisses !!

For the past few nights when I put you to sleep, you get so cheeky and wanting me to give you lots of kisses and cuddles. When we lie down you would say " I love you, Mummy" Can you give me kisses on my heels, fingers, cheeks etc.... You would have this sweet tone to your voice which makes me melt.
When you make mistakes or be a clutz or accidentally step on my foot, you would say "Sorry Mummy, Are you ok ?" As the months pass you tend to be more well mannered and you actually understand your do's and dont's . Even on the dinner table when we are out, you would sit on the high chair and sit for a long time, you use to run around like a headless chicken but now you would eat your snack or read a book. Your personality is definitely going on a change, but so far your behaviour is tolerable and at time too adorable that I always want to just give you all the kisses and cuddles in the world. I love your laughter and smiles, the times you wake up and just stare at us. It really melts me and I really wonder as you grow older will this bond ever go away? I really wish that the bond will stay or even grow stronger as you grow to be a wonderful lady.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Magical Night ...

Last week when I went to school to get you, the teacher gave me your text book and you showed off by reading some words. It was amazing that you have finish stage one even though you have skipped alot of school since june. There was never once that you manage to go to school everyday, but you still manage to recognise alot of words and read sentences.
Words :
Mummy, Daddy, Kim, Fifi, Look , There, Not here, Here.

Its just amazing to see you grow everyday and be in your life to see it through. It makes me smile when you are chirpy and when you laugh out loud, everyone says you are a miniature of me. Its so hard to describe how I exactly feel, coz in all honesty there are so many wonderful things that I can talk about you and I can never fail to smile. Last weekend we watched Disney Magic Show at Bukit Jalil Stadium, it was entertaining and for the first part you didn't even bother looking else where except for the stage. There was not once you blinked till your eyes got really teary, you shared pop corn with Aris and just enjoyed your show sitting on L's lap. Poor L had to lift your bum up with two hands so that you can see the show properly he lifted you throughout the show. Kung Kung even enjoyed the show since david copperfield got cancelled so we bought him tickets to see the Disney Magic as replacement instead.
We had fun staying one night at the Hilton for Mummy's bday, we enjoyed every moment swimming in the pool and having our nice bubble bath. The room had a huge LCD tv and it had a small little monitor in the bathroom as well. We watched some cartoons and for the first time you ate your rice by yourself. You scooped your rice and opened your mouth really big, which is really for the first time coz everyone who knows you, knows that its not easy for you to open your mouth wide to eat. :)
Currently our room looks like a refugee camp, since we bought you a new bed we don't have much space to walk. You love your bed and when anyone who comes over you would ask them if they would like to see your princess bed. I think you sleep so much better now, except maybe once in a while you tend to come over to my bed and snuggle your way through. At least this is the first step of you being older having your own little princess bed and soon you will move to your own room and sleep on your own.
How I wish I could record every bit of what we do in our daily lives as its something that we might forget as time goes by, thats why I try really hard to make it a point to write down the experiences we have done and treasure everyday just being together with you.
Love you to bitsssssss .......xoxoxox

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tour Guide

On the weekend we took Uncle Mickey and Uncle Steve to the aquaria and of course you were their personal tour guide, you have been there so many times that you just zoom by the ones you want to see most. Of course the first stop was the petting corner where you can pat the bamboo sharks and starfishes, you went on and on telling them you can pat them and telling them what they were. After that you went whizzing by the rest of the other sea creatures. Uncle Mickey was holding on to you till he was exhausted he had to pass you on to L, after L you were passed to me, so you were kinda trapped coz I wouldn't let you bully me like how you would try to get your way with them.
If I recall the first time we went to aquaria you were very tiny (6months) and we took Uncle James and family, I still remember you were sitting on the stroller looking left and right wondering where on earth are we. Then you found it very exciting but now since you can walk around you just zoom pass the ones you want to see, so you kinda skip steps instead of looking at the animals one at a time.

Lately when we play together and if we accidently bumped into each other you would always apologise or I would do the same. But now you have changed the way you call me ... it use to be Mummy now its just MUUUM ... if you say you are sorry, you would say " Sorry honey ... or sorry sweety" you sound like a typical grown up and I guess you are just immitating the words we call you. Every month you change the way you talk and of course you tend to be more vocal till Mummy's friends who rarely sees you say you talk to much. You just don't stop and you would go on like a broken recorder. Its cute but sometimes it makes us go crazy.... coz we get more exhausted just hearing you repeating the questions and we would have to answer it over and over. These are some sentences you would always say :-
1) Awww them so cute ...
2) Mum, I want my manna bears.
3) Hi Mummy peguin, I am your baby peguin

We always play this animal game where there is a Daddy , Mummy and Baby.... and you really love pretending to be the baby... its always up to you to tell us what animals we are, and you would pretend to feed us food and drinks. You always have that cheeky smile and you would giggle your heart out everytime we play that game. Even just hearing our conversations you try to absorb and if its a joke when we are laughin you would just use your hands and close your mouth and laugh out loud, how I wish I can record every second of what you do coz its really hilarious when you grow up and look back at it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bonding of 2 L's

These past few months has been great, just watching you being so comfortable with L brings me smiles everyday. L has finally succeeded in putting you to bed which is something incredible coz besides Poh-poh and me, no one has ever put you to bed unless you are zonked to the world. Its been happening often that you only want L to put you to bed so I just sleep on the bed and relax while I see you bullying L by asking him to bring you to the toilet to pee and asking him if you could sleep on his shoulders .... I just lie down and giggle my head off coz its really funny. L would give Mummy this smirk and says it sarcasticly "wahh.... you are so relaxed eh ..."
Words can't explain the bond you have with him, it so unreal but yet true to see the relationship you have and the closeness that you have grown to like him so much. Every night you do tell us both the magic word and give us good night kisses and hugs which you are real sweetheart when you do that, and everytime you say that it just melts my heart.

Recently you have turned into a stage singer, always standing on your little stool and singing your heart out. You have also learnt how to make up words and sing to rhythm with any songs. It cracks us up when you make up the words and you also know that its funny and cheeky.
Once you are on the roll in singing you just don't stop, you would go on and on ....
Top 5 Songs at this moment
1) Tommy Thumb
2) Old King Cole
3) Lonely Goatherd
4) Ding Dong Bell
5) Do Re Mi

One of the morning you saw the ad of Mickey mouse magic show and you asked me if you could go, of course I would never say NO to you and told you we will go, you bugged me all day and asked when are we going to watch the show and I said you would have to wait for 2 weeks. Of course knowing your determination you asked L whether he could buy you the tickets so now we use that as a weapon so that you would listen and when you misbehave we would always remind you of the show. Don't we all have to go through bribery... especially you know how to get round on what you want from us. Even at nights when you wiggle here and there and I am a little fed up I would tell you that you will turn into an ugly ogre or there is a vampire in the cupboard if you don't fall asleep soon he will come and bite you .... . I always have to generate new things coz after saying too many times you tend not to listen anymore. It all started with "Lauren, you have to be good or else Santa wont bring presents for you .... " Now its turned to vampires and ghost. :P Being a parent is not easy especially I have you as the active type and sometimes uncontrollable, so I would have to cook up different things just to make you at ease.
I will say it over and over again that no matter how you are ... I will always love you to bits .... xoxoxox

Saturday, October 20, 2007


We had so much fun with both Uncle Jason and Aunt Jes, they brought us touring around and of course we saw one of the best musical fountain play which you enjoyed so much. You couldn't help telling Kung kung and Poh -poh about it. We went on the cable car and saw peacocks running around and etc... everyone is always so impress with you ..... Uncle Jason made us follow him home just to show you off to his parents and nieces, you walked up to his nieces and introduced yourself which was so sweet and introduced me as your best friend, mummy.
L has been showing you Sound of Music and of course you have been hearing the songs repeatedly. You love the goatherd song and you can even sing out loud and yodle now which is quite amazing. I always wonder what is exactly in your brain seems to have so much memory that for a little girl like you can store in so many things at one go and it doesn't seem to get full.
Mummy has had a bad week so far, finding out things which has caught me by surpised but nevertheless becoz of you I am stronger and I will do everything I can for you. L and you have brought me heaps of happiness and I feel very contented. I don't care what people say or think but I know clearly whats right or wrong. Everyone has their own beliefs and I have mine ...if its time for you to learn some disicpline I will do my best to teach you the rights and wrongs. Every night I would tell you that I love you so much and would always call you my choclate pie. I do wish you will always be the adorable child and that I can always cuddle you to sleep. Even though I know I can't stop you from growing up but I wish you lots of happiness in the world and you will always be mummy's baby girl .. xoxoxo