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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Magical Night ...

Last week when I went to school to get you, the teacher gave me your text book and you showed off by reading some words. It was amazing that you have finish stage one even though you have skipped alot of school since june. There was never once that you manage to go to school everyday, but you still manage to recognise alot of words and read sentences.
Words :
Mummy, Daddy, Kim, Fifi, Look , There, Not here, Here.

Its just amazing to see you grow everyday and be in your life to see it through. It makes me smile when you are chirpy and when you laugh out loud, everyone says you are a miniature of me. Its so hard to describe how I exactly feel, coz in all honesty there are so many wonderful things that I can talk about you and I can never fail to smile. Last weekend we watched Disney Magic Show at Bukit Jalil Stadium, it was entertaining and for the first part you didn't even bother looking else where except for the stage. There was not once you blinked till your eyes got really teary, you shared pop corn with Aris and just enjoyed your show sitting on L's lap. Poor L had to lift your bum up with two hands so that you can see the show properly he lifted you throughout the show. Kung Kung even enjoyed the show since david copperfield got cancelled so we bought him tickets to see the Disney Magic as replacement instead.
We had fun staying one night at the Hilton for Mummy's bday, we enjoyed every moment swimming in the pool and having our nice bubble bath. The room had a huge LCD tv and it had a small little monitor in the bathroom as well. We watched some cartoons and for the first time you ate your rice by yourself. You scooped your rice and opened your mouth really big, which is really for the first time coz everyone who knows you, knows that its not easy for you to open your mouth wide to eat. :)
Currently our room looks like a refugee camp, since we bought you a new bed we don't have much space to walk. You love your bed and when anyone who comes over you would ask them if they would like to see your princess bed. I think you sleep so much better now, except maybe once in a while you tend to come over to my bed and snuggle your way through. At least this is the first step of you being older having your own little princess bed and soon you will move to your own room and sleep on your own.
How I wish I could record every bit of what we do in our daily lives as its something that we might forget as time goes by, thats why I try really hard to make it a point to write down the experiences we have done and treasure everyday just being together with you.
Love you to bitsssssss .......xoxoxox

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