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Thursday, November 29, 2007

More & More Kisses !!

For the past few nights when I put you to sleep, you get so cheeky and wanting me to give you lots of kisses and cuddles. When we lie down you would say " I love you, Mummy" Can you give me kisses on my heels, fingers, cheeks etc.... You would have this sweet tone to your voice which makes me melt.
When you make mistakes or be a clutz or accidentally step on my foot, you would say "Sorry Mummy, Are you ok ?" As the months pass you tend to be more well mannered and you actually understand your do's and dont's . Even on the dinner table when we are out, you would sit on the high chair and sit for a long time, you use to run around like a headless chicken but now you would eat your snack or read a book. Your personality is definitely going on a change, but so far your behaviour is tolerable and at time too adorable that I always want to just give you all the kisses and cuddles in the world. I love your laughter and smiles, the times you wake up and just stare at us. It really melts me and I really wonder as you grow older will this bond ever go away? I really wish that the bond will stay or even grow stronger as you grow to be a wonderful lady.