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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tour Guide

On the weekend we took Uncle Mickey and Uncle Steve to the aquaria and of course you were their personal tour guide, you have been there so many times that you just zoom by the ones you want to see most. Of course the first stop was the petting corner where you can pat the bamboo sharks and starfishes, you went on and on telling them you can pat them and telling them what they were. After that you went whizzing by the rest of the other sea creatures. Uncle Mickey was holding on to you till he was exhausted he had to pass you on to L, after L you were passed to me, so you were kinda trapped coz I wouldn't let you bully me like how you would try to get your way with them.
If I recall the first time we went to aquaria you were very tiny (6months) and we took Uncle James and family, I still remember you were sitting on the stroller looking left and right wondering where on earth are we. Then you found it very exciting but now since you can walk around you just zoom pass the ones you want to see, so you kinda skip steps instead of looking at the animals one at a time.

Lately when we play together and if we accidently bumped into each other you would always apologise or I would do the same. But now you have changed the way you call me ... it use to be Mummy now its just MUUUM ... if you say you are sorry, you would say " Sorry honey ... or sorry sweety" you sound like a typical grown up and I guess you are just immitating the words we call you. Every month you change the way you talk and of course you tend to be more vocal till Mummy's friends who rarely sees you say you talk to much. You just don't stop and you would go on like a broken recorder. Its cute but sometimes it makes us go crazy.... coz we get more exhausted just hearing you repeating the questions and we would have to answer it over and over. These are some sentences you would always say :-
1) Awww them so cute ...
2) Mum, I want my manna bears.
3) Hi Mummy peguin, I am your baby peguin

We always play this animal game where there is a Daddy , Mummy and Baby.... and you really love pretending to be the baby... its always up to you to tell us what animals we are, and you would pretend to feed us food and drinks. You always have that cheeky smile and you would giggle your heart out everytime we play that game. Even just hearing our conversations you try to absorb and if its a joke when we are laughin you would just use your hands and close your mouth and laugh out loud, how I wish I can record every second of what you do coz its really hilarious when you grow up and look back at it.

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